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We have been in the business for 25 years


We started out over 25 years ago with  a huge vinyl record collection with 1000's of singles and boxes of Albums. We had ONE CD player and still back then, used cassette tapes. 
Now things are different. We sold most of our collection and regretted doing so.
Almost every DJ uses laptops and mp3 controllers, (including ourselves) and  have decided to go back to our roots and rebuild our collection of vinyl singles AND albums. 
By recently investing in two professional direct drive turntables, we want to replicate the bygone era of the single AND play them, complete with all the crackles, bangs, scartches and jumps. 
Our new selection of vinyl now dates way back to the late fifties, the sixties  right through to the early ninties.
Our passion is with the 60's and 70's with some really cracking tunes from proper artists.

Our aim is to recreate that perfect party atmosphere for your 50th, 60th 70th and 80th Birthday or anniversary. By carefully selecting our lighting we can recreate that village hall party for you.The concept of the RETROROADSHOW DISCO 
is to use these original vinyl's and still have back up from the modern digital age if required.
As we progress, we will endeavour to take photgraphs of our disco set ups including our carefully selected lightboxes, parcans, pinspots and effects.

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