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How to book us:



Please use the form on our contact page, giving your name, mobile, landline number, email address in the correct sections.

Advise us of the date, the number of anticipated guests, venue location etc.

We will contact you initially by telephone to fine tune your package size and specification ensuring that we have all the information to hand, working out your quote.

Once you are happy with the price, we raise the booking form for you to read through, sign and return, and to forwards your deposit. No booking is secure until we have received the deposit, the signed paperwork.

We issue an invoice for each payment required and a receipt once each payment is credited to our account.

We accept cash by registered post,  bank transfer/internet payment (easiest and quickest) cheques (only if received 10 days before the event to allow for clearance, paypal (+ 4.5% on top of any quoted or agreed price).

The final invoice (or remaining balance is due one working week before the event). Full details are in our contract and our terms and conditions page. 

We have to work this way due to clients not paying on the night, bouncing cheques, taking legal action against non payers. We have even driven out to set up for a wedding reception, to find out that they had not cancelled the venue, the disco or the bar staff!!



We prefer that the person hiring our services, takes a little time to choose some of the artists and their songs to be played on the night. It helps us gauge the types and style of music that you want played, making the event more personal, dedications are aslo very helpful.

We also accept requests on the night, it helps create a better party atmosphere and integrates your guests into the soul of the party.



Karaoke has moved on significantly in the last two years. We now rely on the internet to provide this service. We MUST have full access to the venues wifi, where the signal is strong enough to stream the video direct from our Karaoke subscription service. If the signal is too weak (in the set up area) we can piggy back off our mobile phone data, provided that there is sufficient 3G or 4G on the vodaphone network. If neither are available, then unfortunately the Karaoke will not be available on the night.

We can still run off the 'old school' system, which includes CD+G and DVD discs, players, but they are not loaded into our company vehicle unless advised beforehand.

Karaoke Equipment:


As a standard, our Karaoke system comprises of a 32" LCD momnitor, with HDMI connectivity to our Karaoke laptop. The laptop supplies the on screen graphicas and backing tracks to the montor. Songs are sung using two wireless radio mics, connected to our mixing desk.
We ask that clients write out a request slip with the name of the person singing, the artist and the track they wish to sing. This enables us to ensure continuity throughout the evening. Song availability is restricted by our providers library and is subect to around 25,000 tracks. The library has access to modern (up to date chart music) and all the mainstream classics.

If we have to revert to the old school system due to no internet and having the old system pre booked, we only have around 4,000 songs on CD+G and DVD, running off a catalogues/books/slips.

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