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The Gallery.........

How to work The Gallery:

Use the arrows embedded within the picture to scroll acoss the pictures. To increase the size of the picture click in the picture, this increases the images significantly. To go full screen click on the <> at the top left of the screen (Apologies for some of the dodgy wiring, this has now been addresed, fully tidied and clipped to the DJ side of the equipment! Nothing worse than dangling wires in a wedding shot)

We are able to adapt to any size and type of venue. As you can see from the pictures, we are able to theme our shows into a standard disco,completely retro, or ultra modern. Our lighting shows range from the eco friendly LEDs, Halogen and Discharge. With a vast array of effects to choose from, we can create the ultimate party atmosphere!

 We have recently purchased a new aluminium tri-truss goal post gantry to add to our equipment list. Waiting for the 'right sized venue & party to come along, so we can take some pictures.......

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