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Stand Alone Karaoke

We supply and run a stand alone Karaoke rig for you and your guests to sing your hearts out. This is our basic system comprising of our DJ booth, mixing desk , two full range powered speakers, a 32" display monitor and a wireless twin radio microphone system. LIGHTING can be added as an option.

Minimum requirements for this system are:

  • Free use of the venues wireless broadband connection (or direct connection to their router, we can supply a 50 metre ethernet cable).

  • Wireless signal MUST be good and strong in the set up area. This allows us to connect to our online Karaoke subscription service accessing over 36,000 high quality professionally recorded video graphics and recordings.

  • Should the house system be unavailable, we can use our mobile telephone as an internet hub, provided there is a MINIMUM of 3G signal on the Vodafone network. If no Vodafone signal is available. We have a back up plan such as connecting piggyback off of any persons mobile data/network, The individuals phone must be fully charged/charging, as this tends to drain your battery quickly. We cannot guarantee any other providers signal, quality or speed and cannot be held responsible for how much data we 'eat' 


Enhanced Karaoke

As the standalone karaoke, with additional lighting and sound for the larger venue. Similar ethics to our disco only packages with small medium and large soundsystems, available, subject to allocated space being available at the venue.



Similar to our KARAOKE only packages, we add one of our mobile discos., You get the best of both worlds, We DJ and KJ (Karaoke Jockey). All subject to package 1 conditions. We still have our old skool system using DVD's CD+G's with catalogue books, this is a very slow and basic system, limiting the Karaoke to around 4,000 tracks, should it be required. (24 hours notice), should the 'live streaming' facility be not available. Please discuss before committing. We only use this 'Old Skool' system if there is any doubt in the venue's connectivity. As such it is NOT carried as a back up. 

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