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With several decades of music to choose from, we have a vast library of different genre's. We take in to consideration a customers choices, suggestions, favourites, including them into the evenings performance. We issue a 'song suggestion' sheet to the client, so that they can choose songs personal to themselves. We integrate them into the evening, adding on the night requests, using our experience, adding our own 'spin' on the night.

We are primarily Compact Disc users, now starting to digitise our CD collection, having a PRODUB licence. This licence enables us to legally  'format shift' (or digitize) our originally purchased music. Our twin CD players can accept and play mp3 tracks, therefore we can play your own supplied music if you wish.


We have also invested heavily into our equuipment having purchased a brand new pair of professional direct  drive turntables. This allows us to play our vast collection of vinyl singles and albums, to give authenticity to the sound, providing a 'proper' disco.

We absolutely enjoy 'themed nights' such as 60's 70's 80's etc. We can play one type of genre all night, without playing anything else from other decades or types of music. We specialise in 60's 70's 80's rock, soul, reggae, ska, new wave, punk, and good ole rock 'n' roll..

Should you wish to supply your own playlist, that's not a problem. We will keep exactly to your list, however, we would need a copy of the list about 8 weeks before the event, so that we can ensure our library is updated to include your requests. We would also need to discuss the playlist beforehand, to ensure that it is right for your guests as well as you.

We have a similar philosophy with our Karaoke system. We subscribe to an on line Karaoke provider, where we stream high quality video graphics and professional quality sound direct to our 32" screen. All guests are able to sing through a pair of radio microphones, adding a little bit of delay (echo) to enhance the singing experience. All we ask is to have free access to the venues wireless broadband  connection. The signal must be strong in the set up area, as it is required to 'deliver' the high quality graphics and sound to the monitor, without whistles and clicks, giving the customer the ultimate experience.

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